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Spanish Thanksgiving Vocabulary coloing page

Do you talk about what you are thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner? It is a tradition at our house to mention things for which we are feeling especially appreciative. It is a big group, but it is also a big meal, so everyone has time to chime it. If you have children learning Spanish, these Spanish Thanksgiving vocabulary coloring sheets will keep them busy before the meal and will help them be ready with an answer.

These pictures are an excellent way to remind children, and the rest of us, of the many things for which we are thankful. Kids can color them just for fun, as decorations, or as place mats. When you ask ¿Por qué estás agradecido? or ¿Por qué estás agradecida? (What are you grateful for?), kids will know how to answer in Spanish. To make them a little bigger to use as place mats, we centered them on construction paper.

Of course, these designs are not just for Thanksgiving. They are a good reminder at any time of the year that we have much to be grateful for and that all of it can be expressed in Spanish.

This is the vocabulary on the coloring sheets. There are no English translations on the printables because the Spanish is supported by the pictures.

General Vocabulary
mi familia – my family
mis amigos – my friends
la comida – food
la música – music
el amor – love
las flores – flowers
los pajaritos – birds
el sol – the sun
los árboles – trees
las montañas – mountains
mi casa – my house
la lluvia – rain
los libros – books
el helado – ice cream
el arco iris – the rainbow
ser quien soy – being who I am

spanish coloring page colors

Los colores
rojo – red
verde – green
rosada – pink
naranja – orange
azul – blue
amarillo – yellow
morado – purple

spanish coloring pages body boy          spanish coloring sheet body girl

El cuerpo
los ojos – eyes
las manos – hands
las orejas – ears
la nariz – nose
la boca – mouth
los brazos – arms
las piernas – legs
los pies – feet

spanish coloring sheet food

La comida
el queso – cheese
el pavo – turkey
las uvas – grapes
el pan – bread
las manzanas – apples
el pescado – fish
los tomates – tomatos
las calabazas – pumpkin
los plátanos – bananas
la leche – milk
las galletas – cookies
los caramelos – candy
los espaquetis – spaghetti
las papas – potatoes
la sopa – soup

spanish coloring sheet animals

Los animales
los perros – dogs
los gatos – cats
los peces – fish
las tortugas – turtles
las vacas – cows
los sapos – toads
los gallos – roosters
las ovejas – sheep
los pajaritos – birds
los cerdos – pigs
los caballos – horses
las serpientes – snakes

Coloring Pages – Spanish Thanksgiving Vocabulary

General Vocabulary
Los colores
El cuerpo – niña
El cuerpo – niño
La comida
Los animales

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