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spanish days of the week

It is early in the school year, and lots of us are getting our schedules established at home and at school. The days of the week in Spanish are important vocabulary as kids plan their activities. With limited time in class, a Spanish days of the week song can be an excellent way to introduce or review these important words.

A great Spanish days of the week song is Los días de la semana by Rockalingua. You can listen to and play the song free directly from the Rockalingua website. The keys to an effective song to teach the days of the week in Spanish are a catchy tune, fun rhythm, clear pronunciation and lots of repetition. This song has all those elements. It also is a style of music that elementary school students love.

I combine songs with some kind of hands-on activity whenever possible. One activity that my students love is this printable Spanish days of the week wheel. These healthy eating charts are also a great way to combine the days of the week and food vocabulary. You can find more Spanish days of the week songs and activities in the Vocabulary category under Days of the Week.

Usage of the Days of the Week in Spanish
– The days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish when they are used in sentences. You will see them capitalized in some signs and headings.
– The first day of the week on Spanish-language calendars is Monday.
– The article el or los before the day of the week translates “on”.
Voy al parque el domingo. / I go to the park on Sunday.
Tienes una cita con el dentista el martes. / You have a dentist appointment on Tuesday.
– The days of the week do not become plural. Only the article becomes plural – los.
Los jueves voy a la casa de mis abuelos. / On Thursdays, I go to my grandparent’s house.

Vocabulary related to the days of the week in Spanish

lunes – Monday
martes – Tuesday
miércoles – Wednesday
jueves – Thursday
viernes – Friday
sábado – Saturday
domingo – Sunday
hoy – today
mañana – tomorrow
ayer – yesterday
el día – day
la semana – week

A Spanish days of the week song is an easy way for kids to memorize this useful vocabulary. Los días de la semana by Rockalingua is fun and will keep kids engaged as they sing and learn.

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