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It’s Friday! That means it’s time for the Friday Five. These five Spanish activities for kids can be done with little or no preparation. They can be adapted to different levels or are appropriate for a wide range of ages. They are a good way to get some Spanish into the weekend at home or to supplement a lesson for next week.

1. Print, color and read this free printable mini book about spring – Mamá pájaro

2. Learn the hand clapping game Por aquí pasó un caballo. You can see a video here. Hand clapping games are some of my favorite Spanish activities for kids because the rhythm and rhyme help beginner learners memorize and produce significant amounts of language.

These are the words and a translation. In the video the last line is te diré que 16, but there is also a version that ends contaré hasta 16.

Por aquí pasó un caballo, / A horse passed by here
con las patas al revés, / with his legs on backwards
si me dices cuántas tiene, / if you ask me how many he has
te diré que 16, (contaré hasta 16).  / I’ll tell you 16 (I will count to 16).
1, 2, 3, 4,

3. Print one of these word search, crossword or scrambled word puzzles to do together. There are lots of Spanish activities for kids on the page. If the words in the puzzle you choose are not familiar, look them up together. On a word search, draw a picture beside the Spanish word to represent the meaning. On a crossword, write the word in Spanish beside the picture clue.

4. Sing this Days of the Week song. The days are on the screen, but here are the complete lyrics with the chorus:

Lunes, martes, miércoles jueves viernes sábado y  domingo
Lunes, martes, miércoles jueves viernes sábado y domingo
Son siete días a la semana.
Cinco en el cole y dos en casa.
Hoy los aprendo cantando así
Lunes, martes, miércoles jueves viernes sábado y  domingo
Lunes, martes, miércoles jueves viernes sábado y domingo

5. Print this set of blank faces. Draw in features. Talk about parts of the face and emotions as you draw.

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