Quick and easy Spanish activities for kids.

Kids learning Spanish need to hear and play with the language every day, even if it is just for a few minutes. That is a lot of Spanish input to come up with for parents and teachers!

Here are five no-prep Spanish activities to try with children. Each one only takes 5-10 minutes to do. These Spanish activities are very focused. They do not depend on teaching a set of new vocabulary. Either they can be adapted to your child’s level, or the new language is supported by actions or pictures so you can jump right in and do the activity together.

I am considering making sets of 5 no-prep Spanish activities like this a new series of posts on Spanish Playground. I would love your thoughts on the idea. Please share them in comments.

5 Easy Spanish Activities

1. Print, assemble and read one of the Spanish mini-books from Nelli Edge. There are two free books in Spanish at the time I’m writing this post. One is Yo tengo un gato and it is perfect for beginners. The other is of De Colores, a traditional song, and is a perfect way to welcome spring. Be sure to listen to De Colores too. There are lots of videos online with the song. The books are in black and white so that kids can color them. Coloring and talking about the pictures are great Spanish activities.

2. Watch first and then sing one of these two songs from Musicaeduca. The lyrics are below the videos. Listen to the song first, then print the words so that you and your child can sing along.
For beginners, try Los Colores. For children who have more Spanish try La primavera ya llegó. This is a fun adaptation of Vivaldi’s classic work.

3. Watch the 3-minute video Los juguetes. It focuses on words for animals and toys, and also the verb veo (I see). Print these cards that go with the video and match them, or with older kids play memory. Kids can color the cards.

4. Teach kids to play piedra, papel o tijeras in Spanish. It is rock (piedra), scissors (tijeras) paper (papel) in English. You can hear the words pronounced. Play the best out of 10 and they will know it well. If you have a group, have a tournament.

5. Play this listening game from Inspiration Laboratories. It is called Do Three Things. Of course, you will want to play in Spanish. Give three short instructions to your child: toca la mesa, apaga la luz, dame un beso. If you have a child who reads, work together to make a list of instructions, cut them apart and take turns drawing and reading three commands to each other.

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