Spanish for children summer song

This song about summer is a good example of authentic language that can be used effectively with Spanish language learners. It is from Músicaeduca and they have lots of other resources to use with children of a variety of ages and language levels. Many thanks to them for permission to embed the video!

The simple chorus of Verano y sol (Summer and Sun) can be used as a song in itself and has a lot of related vocabulary: verano, sol, arena, mar, calor, vacaciones. In the chorus, kids also sing voy a jugar, using ir a with an infinitive, one of the first structures children learn in Spanish. Using the chorus as an entire song is a good way to start with beginning Spanish learners.

The rest of the song has great summer vocabulary too and it is reinforced with the video. Use the images to clarify the meaning of new Spanish words. Point to the pictures as you sing those words.

The lyrics of Verano y sol follow the video, with a translation. The translation is word-for-word with no attempt to conserve the rhythm or rhyme of the song. It is for meaning only, to help parents who are learning Spanish with their children.

Estribillo / Chorus:
Verano y sol, arena y mar / Summer and sun, sand and sea
Mucho calor y a disfrutar, / It’s really hot, let’s have fun
En vacaciones voy a jugar / On vacation I’m going to play
verano y sol, arena y mar. / Summer and sun, sand and sea

Llegó el verano me voy de viaje / Summer is here (arrived), I’m going on a trip
ya tengo listo mi equipaje / I already have my luggage ready
andando en coche por las montañas / driving in the car through the mountains
quizás durmiendo en una cabaña. / maybe sleeping in a cabin

Estribillo / Chorus

Llegó el verano me voy de viaje / Summer is here (arrived), I’m going on a trip
Por la ventana miro el paisaje / Through the window I watch the landscape
montando en bici llego a la playa / Riding my bike I get to the beach
me llevo gafas, gorra y toalla. / I take sunglasses, a hat and a towel.

Estribillo / Chorus

Llegó el verano me voy de viaje / Summer is here (arrived), I’m going on a trip
de vacaciones y a descansar / on vacation and to rest.
hasta la vuelta mis amiguitos / See you when we get back my friends
tendremos mucho para contar. / We will have a lot to tell.

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