iPhone and iPad apps from Spanish Playground teach children Spanish with fun effective games.

Bingo in Spanish is a good way to review vocabulary with kids of any age and it is good listening practice, too. There are lots of printable bingo games online, but this version with pictures of common words is great for children learning Spanish. The game is made available by the Asociación Mundial de Educadores Infantiles.

There are only eight pictures on each card and you play until the whole card is covered. The cards are a nice size for kids, and the pictures are clear and colorful. I have printed them in black and white too, and they still are fine for playing the game.

This link will take you to the Bingo game for teaching Spanish. Click on Bingo to open the PDF. There are other printable games on that page too.

These are the Spanish words for the pictures on the cards. As always, there is some variation in the vocabulary used in different countries.

apple – la manzana
ball – la pelota
balloon – el globo
bucket – el balde / la cubeta (Mexico)
butterfly – la mariposa
candy – el caramelo
car – el carro/ el coche
chick – el pollito
clock – el reloj
crown – la corona
cupcake – el pastelito
fan – el abanico
fish – el pez
flower – la flor
glasses – los lentes
hat (stocking cap) – el gorro
heart – el corazón
ice cream – el helado
keys – las llaves
kite – la cometa / el papalote (Mexico)
mushroom – el hongo / la seta (Spain)
pacifier – el chupete
pencils – los lápices
pinwheel – el molino de viento / el rehilete (Mexico)
present – el regalo
rainbow – el arco iris
rattle – el sonajero / la sonaja (Mexico)
saftey pin – el imperdible
sandals – las sandalias
slide – el tobogán / la resbaladilla (Mexico)
socks – los calcetines
star – la estrella
strawberry – la fresa
sun – el sol
thread – el hilo
tree – el árbol

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