Spanish poems about body parts of kids learning language.

Poems in Spanish are a wonderful way for children to learn language.  Here are three traditional Spanish poems about body parts – the parts of the face and the five senses.

Poems are a fun way for kids to start speaking Spanish. These poems about body parts rhyme and are easy to memorize. Spanish poems help kids produce correct grammatical structures that they might not use spontaneously.

Poetry also teaches vocabulary in context. These short poems about body parts can be combined with actions that help children internalize the meaning of words. It is easy to add simple gestures and they help children recite the poem.

Rhyme helps kids absorb the sounds of Spanish and pronounce words correctly. The rhythm of poems helps children learn to link sounds where they should. These three poems about body parts help Spanish learners learn both skills.

Poems are communicate culture. These poems about body parts are traditional and known in different Spanish-speaking countries. The last one is also a song many children learn in preschool.

Spanish Poems about Body Parts

Esta es mi cabeza

Esta es mi cabeza
como una pelota.
Tengo dos orejas
nariz y una boca.
Con estos dos ojos,
yo puedo mirar
las cosas bonitas
de este lugar.

Los sentidos

Con mis ojos veo,
con mis orejas oigo,
con mi boca hablo,
con mi nariz huelo.
¿Y con mis manitas?
Lo toco ¡todo, todo, todo!

La cara

En mi cara redondita,
tengo ojos y nariz,
y también tengo una boca
para charlar y reir.
Con los ojos veo todo
y con la nariz hago ¡atchiss!
y con la boca yo como
¡Palomitas de maíz!

Photo Credit: Philippe Put via Compfight cc

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