Diverse books reflect and honor the culture and language of Spanish speakers.

Books that reflect the diversity of human experience around the globe are the future of children’s literature. Today, however, we need to advocate for more titles with diverse characters and celebrate the authors and publishers who are creating diverse books.

Play these Spanish sentence building games with the printable cards to practice vocabulary and structure.

These four Spanish sentence building games use common vocabulary and the verb tener. They all consist of building sentences with pairs of related words. The games keep students engaged as they create complete, grammatical sentences.

These free Spanish winter activities use language in context at a variety of levels.

As you probably know, Teachers Pay Teachers has Spanish activities for many themes at different levels. I buy materials when I am short on time and can find something that works well for my class. I also take advantage of TpT freebies, like these free Spanish winter activities. These free Spanish winter activities reach different language and age levels. Several…

Use these multiple sets of free Spanish vocabulary picture cards for games and activities with Spanish learners.

Spanish vocabulary picture cards help kids understand and learn new words. The pictures represent words so you do not have to translate, and you can use them for all kinds of games and activities. You can find many sets of Spanish vocabulary picture cards on Spanish Playground in posts about different themes and games. Most are for vocabulary themes, like…

Spanish verb games like these printable conjugation dominoes make grammar practice fun and effective.

As a rule, I don’t teach much explicit grammar with elementary age students. My goal is to have students get lots of exposure to language in context and learn to produce chunks of meaning. However, I do have some older students who are learning the patterns of verb conjugation. Spanish verb games like this set of printable dominoes are a…

This printable Spanish vocabulary game is a fun way for kids to review words in different thematic categories.

Category games in Spanish are a fun way to practice vocabulary. I play several games that review vocabulary by grouping words in different ways. I call the printable Spanish vocabulary game below Nombra 3. You can find a free download of 70 game cards at the end of the post.