Spanish onomatopoeia are useful for teaching vowel sounds and common vocabulary.

An onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates the sound that it describes. In Spanish, the word is onomatopeya. Spanish onomatopoeia can be a fun way to practice vocabulary, as you talk about how the sounds of different animals, objects and actions are represented as we speak.

These resources for learning about water in Spanish are perfect for elementary school age students.

Water has shaped history, and it will determine our future. Learning about water and the role it plays locally and globally is essential to understanding our communities and the planet. Use these resources to explore water with Spanish learners.

Use these monthy calendar activities to teach children the Spanish days of the week.

Many teachers see students only once or twice a week, and talking about the Spanish days of the week in a concrete way is more difficult. One solution is to use the calendar of the current month as a reference. Using the calendar of any month, children can practice questions, numbers, and the days of the week.

Children practice basic phrases with this printable Spanish greetings game.

We practice los saludos in every class, but I made this Spanish greetings game for my youngest students to take home. Of course, we played in class before I sent it home. It is a fun way to involve parents, gives focused practice with basic phrases, and it is also good counting practice. These are the words and pictures in…

Ten elementary Spanish books introduce vocabulary related to themes.

If you teach Spanish to elementary students, you will love these books. Language Together publishes picture books specifically written to support language learning. Their elementary Spanish books teach high-frequency vocabulary with simple sentences and fun stories. In addition, the books come with a free Teacher’s Guide packed with activities to help you use the books easily and effectively.

These Spanish PowerPoint games use high-frequency vocabulary and make an excellent get-to-know-you activity.

These Spanish PowerPoint games are a fun get-to-know-you or back-to-school activity. They use photos and include lots of comprehensible input and movement. In addition, they are low-prep for teachers and low-stress for students starting the new school year.  View and download the Spanish PowerPoint games below.