Spanish hand washing songs teach children vocabulary associated with the routine and also ensure clean hands.

Spanish hand washing songs are a good way to get more language into a day and cleaner hands. If kids wash their hands the whole time they sing, they wash more thoroughly.

Spanish speaking practice in the form of a fun bingo-card challenge encourages kids to produce the language.

Kids need practice producing the Spanish they have learned. However, speaking practice can be hard to structure. It is much easier to set up situations where children are understanding Spanish than situations where they are producing it. These quick Spanish speaking practice ideas encourage children to produce words they know.

This series of Spanish-English board books by Leslie Patricelli has excellent language for Spanish learners.

Have you ever read a child a Spanish book that is just too hard? It isn’t fun for the child, and you quickly realize no language learning is going on. That is why I am so happy to share these Spanish-English board books. The books provide useful, natural language at a perfect level for Spanish learners.

These culture activities for Spanish class center on the art of the arpillera.

Mundo de Pepita created these culture activities for Spanish class to introduce children to the art of the arpillera. I love it because they combine culture, hands-on language learning and reading.

These four Spanish yoga books feature yoga poses based on the seasons.

Spanish yoga books are a wonderful addition to a classroom or home library. Nothing is more natural for children than moving and learning. With Spanish yoga books kids do both at once, creating fun, healthy language learning.

This printable Spanish book about summer has short senteces and common verbs.

As part of our Summer Spanish Read and Play program, Fun for Spanish Teachers is sharing a printable Spanish book about summer. The digital download of El verano also includes a coloring book version and a mini-coloring book. Fun for Spanish Teachers is one my favorite sources of elementary Spanish materials. Originally from Colombia, the creator has been teaching elementary…