This homeschool Spanish curriculum from Speekee provides 40 weeks of material for kids ages 4-7.

I work with several families who homeschool, so I appreciate how important it is to find the right program to use in a home setting. Recently, Speekee asked me to look at their FastTrack homeschool Spanish curriculum for ages 4-7 and share my impressions. After spending time with the material, I can say it is an excellent introduction to Spanish…

Spanish word-building game to practice spring vocabulary.

Working with syllables is a good way to practice vocabulary. I do a variety of word-building activities where students fill in a missing syllable or order syllables to form a word. In the Spanish word-building game below, players read clues and use the syllable cards to build words.

Spanish hand clapping games are a fun language learning activity for children.

Traditional Spanish hand clapping games combine language, movement, rhythm and culture. There are many juegos de manos (juegos de palmas, juegos de palmadas) with fun songs and actions, and children learn a lot of Spanish as they play. I think Spanish hand clapping games are a great activity for language learners of any age.

Sonrisas is a communicative, standards-based elementary Spanish curriculum.

Sonrisas Spanish is a communicative, standards-based curriculum for preschool and elementary school. For 20 years, Sonrisas has been the best elementary Spanish curriculum available, and they continue to add new components and update their materials.

Kids learn Spanish colors with an online activity inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock.

Exploring art and artists provides a wonderful context for learning language. Although many of the artists we talk about in Spanish classes are from Latin America or Spain, we also learn about artists from other cultures. Jackson Pollock’s art is an excellent way to practice Spanish colors and learn about this American artist.

Print these Basta game boards with categories for Spanish learners.

In my family, we call this game Basta, but it many names. It is called Tutti frutti, ¡Mercadito!, Stop, Lápiz quieto, Animales con E, Alto el fuego, or Ensalada rusa, depending on the country. A Basta game is fun Spanish vocabulary practice as players think of words in categories that begin with a certain letter.