Free printable activities for children to practice Spanish food vocabulary.

Food words are some of the first vocabulary we teach language learners. Learning about food lets kids talk about likes and dislikes, has a wonderful cultural component and also provides an easy way to teach several common verbs. Below you’ll find a set of printable activities to introduce basic Spanish food vocabulary.

This online listening comprehension quiz for the video Mi Perro focuses on Spanish body part vocabulary.

Try this online quiz for fun listening comprehension practice. What does Jorge say about his dog? You can download a printable version of these questions and a transcript here.

This collection of Spanish poetry for elementary students includes poems that span a range of reading levels.

Mariana Llanos has just released Poesía Alada, a book of poetry and art for children. The release coincides with the birth of Cervantes and National Poetry Month, fitting celebrations of the beauty of the Spanish language and poetry. This is an lovely collection of Spanish poetry for elementary students.

Playing with bubbles in Spanish kids have fun as they learn new vocabulary.

Blowing soap bubbles is a fun way to learn new vocabulary or practice common words in a new context. Here are a few activity ideas and the vocabulary you need to play with bubbles in Spanish.

Win a subscription to music-based Spanish learning from Rockalingua.

Music makes learning fun! Rockalingua is an educational website with songs, videos, games and printable activities to teach Spanish to kids in the elementary grades.  Many Rockalingua materials are free, and this week we are featuring a Rockalingua Subscription giveaway. This giveaway is closed. Thank you to all who entered for participating and for your thoughtful comments! For suggestions on…

Scholastic's Spanish weekly reader has readings and activities for Spanish language learners.

You are probably familiar with Scholastic’s Weekly Reader, but did you know that they publish a Spanish Weekly Reader for language learners? The language level and structure of Let’s Find Out Spanish is perfect for Spanish learners in elementary school.