Kid learn words for water play in Spanish as they talk about the photo and answer the questions.

Talk about this photograph of children playing in a pool to help kids learn Spanish. The questions that follow are ordered to help children master the vocabulary for water play in Spanish and gain confidence with the language.

Spanish goodbye songs bring kids together at the end of class and teach vocabulary for leaving others.

Music is one of the best ways to help kids transition from one activity to the next. So, I use good-bye songs to help them get ready to go, or transition to whatever is happening after our class. I have used these 5 favorite Spanish goodbye songs with kids of different ages and levels.

Reading to bilingual kids presents challenges like finding books and engaging kids with the text.

I’m happy to be part of a global group of bloggers writing about the A to Z’s of raising bilingual children.  For a list of all the great articles, visit the A to Z of Raising Multilingual Kids page on The Piri-Piri Lexicon. I’m writing about reading to bilingual kids because reading is essential to language development!

Spanish listening activities to focus on syllables, words and sentences before a larger listening task.

Teaching listening is important. Listening takes tons of practice, and we need to teach it with attention to developing key abilities. Below you will find Spanish listening activities to do before you watch a video or read a story.

This Spanish syllable counting activity uses words related to Valentine's Day.

I made this Spanish syllable counting activity for Valentine’s Day, because I wanted an easy, quick way to practice pronouncing Valentine’s Day vocabulary again. You can download the activity below.

A list of top Spanish TpT stores with free activities from the teachers.

Teaching Spanish is rewarding, but it also takes a steady investment of time and energy. I hope this list of Spanish TpT stores from top teachers will make your life easier. All these teachers have shared free printables, so try the activities with your students or children at home.