A Spanish Mothers Day text to print and color.

Mother’s Day is El Día de la Madre or El Día de las Madres in Spanish. In the U.S. this year we will celebrate on May 12th. This printable Spanish subway art is a good coloring project for language learners. You can find more information about how Mother’s Day is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries and other printables for El Día de la Madre in these posts.

Subway art, a pretty collection of words related to a topic, is a fun and easy way to add Spanish text to a space. Older kids can make their own with Wordle or one of the online banner makers. They can choose words related to the subject and make a pretty card or gift for almost any occasion.

Engaging younger children with the language in subway art is more of a challenge, but it can still be a useful format for adding text to a space and for talking about a topic. One option is to make the poster with black and white letters that kids can color. For children learning the letters and beginning readers, this activity is an excellent way to talk about letters and colors as they make the poster. Of course, they can make lots of different Mother’s Days cards and crafts in Spanish, but some children really like to do coloring projects like this.

The phrases on this printable Spanish Mother’s Day poster are simple enough that beginning readers can read them to Mom when they are done coloring the letters.

Link to Mother’s Day Poster in Spanish

Spanish Subway Art to Color

You can find lots of examples of Mother’s Day subway art in English online. If you have older kids who are making a poster for Mamá, they might want to look at few for inspiration. There is a nice collection on Our Seven Dwarfs.

They can also make the poster in different shapes using Tagxedo. You can read a post about that program here: Use Spanish Vocabulary in Shapes with Word Clouds from Tagxedo


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