Kids Learn Spanish with Habla Jorge Videos

A series of videos called Kids Learn Spanish to teachs vocabulary and culture.

Habla Jorge is a new series of YouTuber-style videos to help kids learn Spanish. Below you will find transcripts for the videos with suggested key vocabulary, picture cards and activities.

These videos develop important listening skills. With the Habla Jorge series, kids also hear and acquire correct pronunciation. Below you will find links to posts with materials to teach listening skills and pronunciation with the videos.

Jorge continually adds more videos. We will update this page with transcripts and vocabulary, picture cards, and activities to help kids learn Spanish as they watch.

Los limones

With this video kids learn Spanish vocabulary related to a favorite fruit.

Limes are an essential ingredient of many dishes in Latin American. They are delicious and also a lot of fun. See what you can do with a lime!

Download the video transcript for Los limones.
Print picture cards for the Los limones.
Download and print word cards for Los limones.
Open the Kids Learn Spanish: Spanish Fruit – Los limones video in a separate window.

Los calcetines

Kids learn words for Spanish clothes vocabulary with this video.

As Jorge points out all the fun and useful things you can do with socks, kids learn Spanish words for clothes and more.

Download the video transcript for Los calcetines.
Open the Kids Learn Spanish: Spanish Clothes – Los calcetines video in a separate window.

Algunas cosas sobre mí

Kids learn how to share personal information in Spanish with this video.

In the style of YouTubers sharing a number of things about themselves, Jorge does a Spanish All About Me. He talks about where he lives, his family, his favorite color and fruit and more. This video is a great model for sharing personal information.

Download the video transcript for Algunas cosas sobre mí.
Go to the Kids Learn Spanish: Spanish All About Me – Algunas cosas sobre mí video.

Los marcadores

A video for kids to learn Spanish school supplies.

Jorge gives kids his take on why markers are so much fun! In addition to using colors and other common adjectives, Jorge writes his name and provides excellent model of how to spell words giving an example for each letter. It’s a fun way to have kids practice vocabulary.

Download the video transcript for Los marcadores.
Open the video Kids Learn Spanish: Spanish School Supplies – Los marcadores in a separate window.

Las pelotas de ping pong

Kids learn Spanish vocabulary for sports and ball play in this fun video.

Ping pong balls roll and bounce as Jorge talks about them in clear, natural Spanish.  He happens to have a glass of water handy. Will the ping pong ball sink or float?

Download the video transcript for Las pelotas de ping pong.

Open the video in a new window: Kids Learn Spanish: Spanish Sports – Las pelotas de ping pong.

Los lentes de sol

Kids learn Spanish parts of the face with this youtuber style video.

Kids learn Spanish parts of the face and adjectives as Jorge talks about sunglasses. Who uses sunglasses in your family? Answer the question in the comments!

Download the video transcript for Los lentes de sol.

Open the video in a new window – Kids Learn Spanish – Spanish Parts of the Face – Los lentes de sol.

Activities for Kids Learn Spanish Videos

Listening Activities You’re Not Doing (But Should Be) – Includes printable pre-listening activities for Los limones.

26 Video Activities for Language Class.

Tips for Using Spanish Videos with Kids (coming soon)

This series is brand new. Look for more videos and activities coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to the Spanish Playground YouTube channel for the latest Habla Jorge videos!