Spanish winter songs for language learners.

It’s cold here in Wisconsin! Singing about the season is one fun way to stay warm. With Spanish winter songs, children learn lots of seasonal vocabulary. They also are able to use verb forms and sentence structures that they can’t yet produce easily in conversation.

Here are five Spanish winter songs to listen to online and sing with kids learning Spanish.

Invierno, invierno

Invierno, invierno
¿Por qué nos gustará?
Por la nieve blanca
Y por la Navidad.
El frío del invierno
Ya tiene solución:
El gorro, los guantes y la calefacción.

Listen to Invierno, invierno with pictograms and lyrics.

This is one of my favorite Spanish winter songs. It is known by several different titles: Nos gusta el invierno, Me gusta el invierno or Invierno, invierno. The first lines and the winter clothes are a little different in each version. Children in many countries learn this song as a poem.

If you would like to sing about winter, but not specifically about Christmas, you can substitute the word Navidad with another -dad word, or any word that ends in a stressed syllable with a as the vowel. Here are some possibilities: y por la majestad, y por la felicidad, y por la festividad, y por la suavidad, y por la preciosidad, y por poderse patinar, y por poderse deslizar.

El invierno está llegando

Con la nariz colorada
y bufanda de colores
me paseo por la calle
dando, dando tiritones.

El sol está escondido
el viento está silbando
froto y froto las manitas
porque se me están helando.

El sol está escondido
el viento está silbando
froto y froto las manitas
el invierno está llegando.

Listen to El invierno está llegando, a winter poem set to music by Musizón.

Spanish winter songs with actions are great for language learners. In this song, doing the actions of shivering and rubbing their hands together helps kids retain the language. You can buy an mp3 and coloring sheet for the song from Musizón.


Listen to this Spanish winter song by Grupo encanto.  It has lots of winter words: la nieve, las nubes, el invierno, el frío, el muñeco (de nieve), la bufanda, el viento, el trineo. Invierno is available to buy from Amazon.

Cuando tengas mucho frío

Yo canto ésta sings this winter song with their kids. It is short and easy, and the clapping and actions make it fun for little ones. As always, thanks to Yo canto ésta for permission to embed the video. Look for other Spanish winter songs by Yo canto está on YouTube.

Frosty el muñeco de nieve

Frosty se llama,
un amigo singular,
Pues de nieve está formado
Y siempre viene en Navidad.

Frosty se llama
y su mano quiere dar,
No me importa que esté helado,
Yo lo quiero saludar.
Afuera está esperando.

Con él voy a jugar.
Tiene una gorra y un bastón
y una bufanda de color.

Frosty se llama
y su mano quiere dar,
No me importa que esté helado,
Yo lo quiero saludar.

Listen to Frosty the Snowman in Spanish. This version is by Titiana and has very similar lyrics to those above, with a slight change in the last stanza. The version above is included in many collections of Christmas songs. You can find it on Canta Navidad con los niños and other Cds on Amazon.

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