Spanish Valentine games and crafts help children learn language with hands-on fun.

Many Valentine’s Day activities incorporate language and can be adapted to Spanish learning. Try these hands-on Spanish Valentine games and crafts to teach language as you celebrate friends, family and love.

Telling Stories in Spanish image

Telling stories is a powerful tool to teach Spanish. From picture books to entire methodologies like TPRS, telling stories in Spanish exposes children to language in context. Teachers and parents can create and tell their own stories to teach children Spanish.

An printable activity using Spanish candy hearts to teach kids language.

I love how much language is a part of Valentine’s Day. Spanish candy hearts are one great example. I made a printable activity with candy heart sayings that you can use in several different ways with Spanish learners.

Spanish Valentine books teach children family vocabulary and expressions of affection as they celebrate the holiday.

On Valentine’s Day, we take time to tell our friends and family how much they mean to us. It is a holiday made for language learning! Reading Spanish Valentine books broadens vocabulary and provides a larger context for learning to express love and affection.

Kids learn Spanish places vocabulary with a children's book and writing activity.

The Place Where You Live /  El lugar donde vives is a beautiful bilingual book about places and how we experience them. The book is full of Spanish places vocabulary in a structure that is ideal for language learners.

Tips for using themes for Spanish preschool and elementary school lessons.

One of the best ways to teach Spanish is by using a variety of activities related to a content theme. Using themes for Spanish lessons makes teaching easier and more effective. Ants, rain, mice, robots, snakes, castles, kittens – tap into any topic of interest to teach kids Spanish! Parents often ask me how to start or support language learning at…