Kids learn kind words in Spanish with sorting activities, proverbs, coloring pages and a happiness project.

An important aspect of learning to be kind is understanding the power of language to help and hurt others. Spanish learners need to learn the language to treat other people well. Below you will find activities for teaching kind words in Spanish. As teachers and parents, we need to help children become caring, compassionate people. We also need to make…

Kids learn important vocabulary with these Spanish body parts songs.

Body parts are some of the easiest words to learn because kids can use their own bodies as a reference.  It is easy to connect parts of the body to language as kids touch and move. Most Spanish body parts songs include actions, and many also associate each part with a common verb. Here are ten of my favorite Spanish…

These 12 phrases are different ways to say delicious in Spanish and are appropriate at any meal.

The holiday season and many holiday meals are just around the corner, so this is an excellent time for children to learn different ways to say delicious in Spanish. One of best ways to build vocabulary is with synonyms and common phrases for a specific context. During meals, we often talk about how much we enjoy the food. As children…

Pumpkin activities in Spanish teach children science vocabuary and concepts.

Pumpkins are one of my favorite parts of fall, and not only because they make delicious pie. Pumpkin activities in Spanish incorporate a wide range of concepts and vocabulary, from the life cycle of a plant to emotions. Try these pumpkin activities in Spanish!

Songs, poems, and printable pages with leaf activities in Spanish for kids.

In Wisconsin, the leaves have turned and a lot of them are on the ground. Leaf activities in Spanish are perfect for this time of year. Below you’ll find a variety of  songs, poems and printable pages to learn about leaves with language learners.

A magnetic board engages children with Spanish house vocabulary in many hands-on activities.

Home is the center of a child’s world, so kids need Spanish house vocabulary to be able to talk about their daily activities. The rooms of the house, furniture and basic household items are some of the first vocabulary children learn. Below you will find 7 activities that connect images to words to help language learners master Spanish house vocabulary.