Stories by Gus on the Go is a Spanish app for kids that creates comprehensible input to teach language.

Stories by Gus on the Go is a free Spanish app for kids that carefully creates and delivers comprehensible input the way a good teacher does. I love the care that went into making this app and building a context where children really learn language.

Three resources make planning elementary Spanish lessons take less time and preparation.

Planning elementary Spanish lessons is a lot of work. Many of us teach multiple grades, often creating the curriculum. Even teachers who are given programs need to supplement to provide sufficient input. That is actually why I started Spanish Playground years ago, to collect supplementary materials.  So, yes, we are all excited to start the year, but there is a…

Create comprehensibe input using this Spanish story with cutouts.

Un picnic en el bosque is a Spanish story with cutouts of the characters.  The story is about 3 children and the animal friends they meet in the forest.  One of the children gets lost, and El Oso and El Conejo help reunite the group. Simple vocabulary and structures make this a perfect story for kids learning Spanish.

Pictures and simple descriptions for elemenary Spanish reading practice.

You can use this elementary Spanish reading activity in different ways. The printable pages have 10 picture cards of children and a two-sentence description card for each picture. Download the free elementary Spanish reading at the end of the post.

Spanish hand washing songs teach children vocabulary associated with the routine and also ensure clean hands.

Spanish hand washing songs are a good way to get more language into a day and cleaner hands. If kids wash their hands the whole time they sing, they wash more thoroughly.

Spanish speaking practice in the form of a fun bingo-card challenge encourages kids to produce the language.

Kids need practice producing the Spanish they have learned. However, speaking practice can be hard to structure. It is much easier to set up situations where children are understanding Spanish than situations where they are producing it. These quick Spanish speaking practice ideas encourage children to produce words they know.