These tips will help parents who are motivating kids to read to keep up Spanish skills.

As part of the Spanish summer reading program, we are sharing a new progress sheet, or reading log. Many kids enjoy making a visible record of the books they have read. So, a log is one way of recognizing achievement and motivating kids to read. Below you will find more suggestions for motivating kids to read in Spanish. The new…

This Spanish activity book from Mundo de Pepita has games and crafts to engage children during the summer.

Summer is in full swing, and as part of the Spanish summer reading and language program, Mundo de Pepita is sharing a free printable Spanish activity book for beginning learners. An elementary Spanish teacher created Mundo de Pepita with resources for children learning the language. You can find more excellent resources including a great selection of mini-books on the Mundo…

Kids learn more words by learning Spanish vocabulary used in more than one context.

As kids are learning Spanish vocabulary, I point out different contexts where we use the same word. Introducing additional contexts builds understanding and makes the word easier to remember. I’ve included a printable activity for ten common words below.

Readings with armadillo facts and stories with armadillos for kids learning Spanish.

Armadillos live throughout Latin America and often appear in traditional stories and songs. Below, you will find a printable reading with basic armadillo facts and an activity. You will also find stories about armadillos to print or read online. Armadillo facts and stories make for fun summer reading!

Language Together publishes books for Spanish learners with design featuers to aid language acquisition.

Language Together publishes books for Spanish learners. These fun little books come in sets and are excellent for emerging readers. They also work well as read alouds with early learners.

These printable mini-books in Spanish are an excellent language learning activity.

Fun for Spanish Teachers has wonderful materials for children learning Spanish. I’m highlighting two of their resources – printable mini-books and an activity book that includes songs – as materials for summer Spanish. Fun for Spanish Teachers has also generously donated a free printable mini-book for Spanish Summer Reading. You can download the mini-book below.