A printable Spanish card game to practice country names and size words.

I call this printable Spanish card game Batalla de tamaños. It is based on the traditional game where two players each have a stack of cards and turn over the top card at the same time. The higher card takes the lower card. This version teaches country names and size words. It can be used to practice big numbers, too. …

Spanish listening games help kids develop the ability to hear key words in context.

Kids practice listening all the time. When they listen to conversation, instructions, music, or a story they are developing their listening abilities. However, Spanish learners also need to practice specific listening skills. Spanish listening games are a fun way build this important language skill. You can also review vocabulary with Spanish listening games.

I Spy games for kids learning Spanish can be adpated to teach vocabulary related to any theme.

Last week I read Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle’s Oso Pardo, oso pardo ¿qué ves ahí? to a class for at least the 500th time. I’m not complaining. The art, the pattern, the rhyme, the simple sentence structure – it all works to create an excellent read aloud and language learning experience. I made two I Spy games as…

These personal skills will help you engage with students and create content.

Teaching language draws on all our skills. We apply our creativity and abilities to what we know about learning language and then add a large dose of performance art. These 10 personal skills make the task easier and are worth developing. They help you connect with kids, keep their attention and create comprehensible input.

Photo collage of Spanish Mother’s Day activities including coloring sheets and printable bracelet.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate moms and also to talk about family, emotions and daily routines with language learners. Below you will find a variety of Spanish Mother’s Day activities. Traditional Spanish Mother’s Day activities like making cards or writing poems are based around language. Kids can write, illustrate what they write and practice reading their cards aloud…

Spanish Earth Day activities incuding songs, printable materials and picture books.

Earth Day is an opportunity for children to learn more about our planet and understand their critical role in protecting it. The language in Earth Day lessons ties easily into units about spring, plants, water,  animals and community. Here are a few Spanish Earth Day resources.